Me and My Guitar


I been spending some time trying to work through “Me and My Guitar” - Tony Rice version.

I found this guy on Youtube doing his version (which is pretty close to Tony’s)…kid knocks it out of the park…that’s entertainment there…just a dude with a guitar going SOLO!

Figured you guys might enjoy it:



Ja, das gut. Very good indeed. I had no idea he wasn’t a kid from the US from hearing his singing. I did a double take when he started talking afterwards… doesn’t sound like he’s from Carolina


Mighty good. Seems he just looks like a kid, though. Wikipedia says he’s a 32 year old professional musician, which is somewhat comforting to me. At least he’s not some unknown kid in his bedroom burning it up. That always makes me feel incompetent.


Wow, never pegged him as being 32…looks 18 or 19 to me.


He definitely doesn’t look 32, but then again, that may be an old video. It was uploaded in 2009, so at most he was 28 in the video.

Wish they kept the camera on his hand the entire time. Solo videos like that are great for stealing licks.


Of course I just have to post up the master’s version for reference.