Martin Strings


I heard that Martin is no longer going to sell strings. Anyone else hear this?


I hadn’t heard that. That would be surprising since they have invested in the factory and such. It would make D’Adarrio’s day.


I hope it isnt true. I am pretty fond of the Lifespan strings.


Me too. I have about a year supply on hand, but I might get more if they quit making them.


I get the Martin Guitar online newsletters. There is no mention about discontinuing selling strings. In fact several times a week they send out info on the Lifespan strings. I would be really surprised if they got out of the string business. I have used Martins for years, too.


It is like anything else we will adjust as there are many string makers out there and there are a bunch that make great strings. I use Martin strings because they last longer and sound better but am sure I will find a replacement, I also like the color of the B and high E strings . Been thinking of trying the Black diamond strings it used to be all you could get and they sold them at the drug store.