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Martin Guitar and service

I was very pleased with the response I received from Martin on the battery box on my DCPA4 I noticed the whole thing was loose , upon taking it apart the whole bottom fell apart the plastic housing was broke ? how I don’t know but I sent an e-mail and gave them my address so they could check it out that I had a guitar purchase that was under warranty . I told them I was not interested in sending the whole guitar back nor was I inclined to travel 100 miles round trip to have an authorized repair . I got an e-mail back saying they had shipped the part to my address. I have it semi repaired now but the plug in is not usable , I can still play it and tune it but no amplification. When the new part arrives I will be very careful how I install it .

I like it when a company allows you to fix something yourself and sends the parts. It often makes sense for everyone involved.

I just can not get over the fact that a cheap part was used in a Martin , it goes beyond the pale . I may look at ways to prevent it from doing it again. it looks like there was to much space for the bottom screws to seat against the wood block and that is the thinnest part. Any way I love the DCPA4 guitar I am using the flex silk and phosphor strings for 2 bucks a set and they sound real nice not the punch that the light or medium have but enough for me . 47 on top yes that is small but it sounds like it is larger . Easy on the fingers for sure and you can not beat the price . Martin strings 2 dollars flex core silk and Phosphor MFX130 at guitar center

I have the part but I am waiting on some loc tite so the nut will not come loose on the female plug . they sent the whole thing where all I have to do is plug it in on the board right inside the hole . will wait also until I need to change strings. It is a shame that they could not use a higher quality plastic on the battery box.One more thing they need to do is allow more repairmen to work on their guitars. In my location I would have to make two round trips for a total of 200 miles or pay postage both ways to the factory . I am pleased they sent me the part .