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Martin D-18 Ambertone

Hey Banjo Ben buddies I’ve decided to sell my D-18 I bought a couple of years ago. It’s a great guitar, I just never bonded with the 1 3/4" nut that so many folks prefer. It’s a 2014 model that I bought new in Feb. 2015. It is easily in excellent condition. No cracks, scratches, dings, etc. It’s pretty much spent it’s life in my little climate controlled music room always properly humidified. It’s had no work or modifications other than swapping out the factory plastic bridge pins for tusq pins. Still has the factory set-up. I’m asking $1700 and will take care of the shipping cost if it sells for that. I’ll also eat the Paypal fee if you prefer to pay that way. Here are a few pics of it. Anything you see that looks like scratches are just reflections. This guitar is clean. If you want any more info or detailed pics just let me know, I’ll be happy to oblige.


That is a pretty guitar. I love the new D18 specs too. I bet it will make someone happy when it find a new home.

Beautiful guitar Jeff!

Did you happen to get that from Jon and Sharon Garon at My Favorite Guitars. They were big on the Ambertone finish. and had something going on with Martin. I learned (from Jon) that there is Amberburst and Ambertone. I like your Ambertone better, it has more of an aged, burnt look to it while the amberburst is more yellow.

Aren’t the specs on the newer D-18’s pretty close to a Golden Era?

So… what are ya gettin to replace it :question: :wink:

Thanks guys, it is a looker for sure and sounds just as good. The newer specs are closer to the discontinued Vintage series D-18’s than the GE, mainly Sitka vs Adirondack. This isn’t one of Jon’s guitars at MFG (although I did buy my Collings from him) I actually bought it from Moore Music in Indiana. At the time it was hard to find an Ambertone without having a two or three month wait but they had this one and hadn’t even put it on the floor yet.

Jeff what on earth would make you think I need another guitar? :laughing: I guess you know me too well! Haven’t really decided what’s next but I’m keeping tabs on the used market which is how I usually buy. Just loose too much money buying new and selling. I have the D-18 listed on my local Craigslist where it will sell sooner or later so I’m definitely on the hunt!

Hey Bulldog,

Moore Music huh? Why haven’t I been there or even heard of it. I’m in Ohio! :blush: I will look it up for sure!

I just sold my Taylor 810 to our Youth Pastor so I’m down to just my Gibson and Collings (unless you count the old Yamaha). It was silly to have three Rosewood guitars. If I was in the market I would definitely consider yours, I would like to have a Mahogany, just too many projects going on right now. Leo Posch, Huss & Dalton and Bourgeois are at the top of my “Next Guitar Purchase List” when the time is right.

Good luck with selling, seems like a great guitar for a very good price.