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Make your finger picks feel good

Take some heat shrinkable tubing 1/4 inch should do it and place them over the tangs on the side of the picks . once in place heat up and shrink it to fit tight . try them on after they have cooled down and you will see a big difference in comfort and fit . Not my idea , I got it online somewhere. I tried it and was impressed .

Got a picture for us visual learners?

I will try and get a picture of the finished product but I don’t know if I can do a step by step . it is simple and you have to finagle the tubing over the hump on some finger picks so don’t give up, what it does it coats the steel and keeps it from rubbing the skin . you can do the same with the plasti grip liquid, they sell it at hard ware stores . and dip the ends in the stuff til you get a coat on it . do not coat the pick striking area it will deaden the sound something fierce. Hope that helps out . I want every one to try this it makes it very nice on the fingers.

Is the finished product anything like this? … Picks.html

Very much so , it looks like they opted for the plasti dip , I kind of figured someone was making them and selling them. I can’t wait to try a pick made of graphine it is a material that is ten times stronger than steel and thinner than paper I a sure some enterprising young person will try that also . the hard er the better on flat picking . The link you put up I am sure they feel much better than just the bare steel .

I’ve really given a lot of thought to trying them. However, I reason myself out of spending the money on account of I think the pick-molding process would cause the coating to tear and come off.

It took me about six months before my picks felt comfortable but now I don’t even think about it. However, I play reissue National NP2s which I find more comfortable than common Dunlops.

Probably a lot more expensive than your idea are Shelor picks. They are really painless but for some reason, at least for now, I like the Nationals more (maybe I’m just more used to them).

But I think once you spend enough time with them, you get used to picks.

Wow that’s a good idea. I have heat-shrink tubing, so I’m going to try this out tomorrow. When I first started using banjo finger-picks, the picks would irritate the skin on the tops of my fingers. This promises to raise the comfort level!

A set of jeweler’s piers can help a lot with making picks fit the fingers.

I would think the coating would wear/tear quite quickly. I’ve been using the same set of nationals out of the '50s for nearly three years now with no wear and no discomfort. Took me a few weeks to get them to fit correctly though.

wonder how the coating holds when hands are wringing wet.

wet should not be a problem with the heat shrinkable tubing it is something you can do at home for pennies no other cost involved .

[attachment=0]DSC06657AB.jpg[/attachment]A tad slow about getting the picture of them up but here it is .

These picks are turning my fingers green