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Hi all,

It’s been a little quiet all over, while my life has been running near 100mph for the last 4-5 months. In the process of recording some tunes for classes I am teaching locally, I found an old tune that I wrote shortly after my mother passed some 25+ years ago. I took the time to record it and wanted to share it here. She loved jazz, so that is the style. It is called Memories Of Mom or M.O.M. for short.

I love it Doc. Great composition, performance and recording. I’m no jazz expert but it reminded my of some of my favorite things from Vince Guaraldi trio. It’s like the melody has words, but you just don’t know exactly what they are.

And yes, that tells you how much of a jazz expert I am when the only citation I give is from “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” :smiley:

If you aren’t selling it, please email me an mp3. I’d like to put that in a play list. If you are selling it, please point me to where I can get it.

BTW, Sorry for your loss. I know it has been a long time, but the world is just not the same place after our Moms leave it.

I could not connect at the site . would love to hear it . but it maybe a site that one has to subscribe to. I don’t know I guess I will hear it some other time.

Hi guys,
Thanks for the kind words.
Mike, here is the download link for the tune:

Welder, see if you can hear it here:

Thank you that was so nice .

Got it. Thanks!