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Lunchbox Joe

Several friends were asking me to do this and thought I’d share it here for laughs. ‘’

One of my closes and oldest musical friends was complaining to me about working so much: “work, work, work, that’s all I do! You might as ell just call me Lunchbox Joe.” Well, me, being a usually fairly compassionate person ( can’t watch Little House on the Priry with a tear falling somewhere :roll_eyes: ) let my mouth take over and say “That’s a great song title! I’m gonna write that down” :rofl:

It sat around for a year or two in a list of ideas for song/tune titles (looks like a 3yr old’s scribble sheet on a legal pad …all different colors over time, things written along the edges…haha)

One day while messing with the banjo tune Black Diamond And that title popped into my head…chorus came 'bout as fast as I could write…I wanted to do a “story song” in What I imagined would be something that Charley Waller might sing. … then the rest got done within over the rest of that day or two…I wrote this in '93.

I’m trying to hold metre with the rhythm but haha…not happening …been too long…and I was working hard at relaxing,… as if that makes any sense :rofl:


Actually Joe Says “Joe’s” life hits a little too close to home (unintentional) and Joe doesn’t care for several parts of “joe’s” life…Then of course, “joe” dies…so Joe himself doesn’t really care much for the song. haha, I think I got that all right…



Nice job Dave! And a fine sounding D-28 (at least that’s what it appears… can’t read the headstock)!


Thanks Jeff…I’m super rusty.

The guitar is a :74-5 D28. It’s had a neck reset and been “hot rodded” a bit (bridge plate shaved, etc.) to bring it closer to the specs of the older Martins. Just an old workhorse…


Thought it my be a late sixties or seventies, with the Grover tuners. The workhorses are the best ones! Did you have Mr Konkoly at Elderly do the work? He’s good!


All the work was done before I bought the guitar in Nov 2011. some was done in TN and some in MI at a small shop in Anne Arbor by a guy that used to work for Elderly and went off on his own.


Cool, good job!


That is great! Thanks for sharing that. Tell Joe I am sorry.


That’s fun! Thanks for sharing!