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Lower strap pin

I caved in…have not used strap in the past on my guitars…did attach one to a guitar, it makes a difference…what are your thoughts for two of my elec. acoustic pieces that do not have lower strap pins (both have line jacks with groves but diam. Is much to large and not wide enought to accom. Double layer straps)…need advice/help, …they are fairly costly guitars. (Gibson & Wait) thanks,jack :slight_smile:

When you say “lower strap pins” do you mean they don’t have an endpins on the bottom of the guitar? Most guitars come with an endpin. Some come with a strap button located somewhere like on the heel of the neck, but many do not. I don’t know that I have seen a relatively modern guitar without an endpin (or a strap button or jack/button combo in it’s place).

As far as adding a strap button, if you want to play with a strap, I think a strap button the best way to go. I do have a classical guitar, and it lacks a button, but a heel strap button is abnormal for a classical. I am kind of picky about where a heel button goes. I have one that was just kind of slapped on there by a previous owner, and it bugs me a bit. I still bought the guitar, but nonetheless. Probably just because I am a Martin guy, I like the Martin spec for placement. Here’s a quote from the following thread “50-50 seems to be the mathematical descriptor, i.e. halfway along a line from the fingerboard to the heel-cap, and halfway along an imaginary line from the front of the heel at the body to the back edge of the heel.”
theunofficialmartinguitarforum.y … Y6xQaJJNWI

Some will argue that it devalues the guitar, but in my experience, that has not been the case unless it is done very oddly or very poorly.

One last thing, with some smaller instruments, a heel strap button may not do what you want. I bought an A style mandolin and planned on putting a strap button in the neck block. However, I played with it slung simulating a strap button and the balance was very head heavy. I ended up just slinging the headstock, and I love it like that.

thanks for the reply…yes the end pin is what I am trying to decide on what to do…I am not considering a pin on the neck, as for now just a string seems to do the job on the one guitar I have a strap…neither of the two above mentioned guitars have the end pin only the elec. jack plug receiver…esp. the wait guitar I just cannot imagine drilling a pilot hole for a wood screw…thanks again for your help. jack

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neither of the two above mentioned guitars have the end pin only the elec. jack plug receiver

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Don’t know if you have already bitten the bullet and reamed away however here’s my 2c worth ( US 2.16c worth):
A picture is worth a thousand crossed wires of explanation, so that would help. I’m having trouble imagining an output jack on the end of a guitar without an endpin as part of the component. Seems to me if the jack is on the end, replace it with one that is also an endpin. If it is in the body, whack an endpin into the end block of the body where an endpin is supposed to go.

At the risk of bringing down the wrath of the perfectionists on my head I must admit I find it amazing how OCD some people get about their instruments - guess cause I don’t have a high-end Martin. However it seems to me that ultimately an instrument is there to be played in the most comfortable way that works for you. To my mind where the strap-pins are placed to the mm (noting the angst on Mike’s link above) is not going to affect the sound/tone or the playability(action), and if you can’t manage to drill a small hole to put the endpin in, get your wife to do it!

But then again, I happily hand over my '64 Fender Jazz bass (worth about $15,000 here)to anyone who wants to have a go on it - instruments are for playing, not having psychological meltdowns over… :open_mouth: It sure isn’t mint condition but has given a lot of people pleasure over the years, not to mention an incentive to some as future bass players. That’s what matters to me. :smiley:

Nice J-Bass! I’ve got the same groovy orange material in my P Bass case. It doesn’t look that good anymore due to a flood.