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Love my Banjo Ben store order!

Got my order of stuff from the BB store! First of all, Gorilla Snot was worth the price just to show it to my kids and see their faces. Then I tried it. Holy moly! My pick ain’t slipping any more. That stuff is great.

Also got my “Nuff Said” t-shirt. That’s a high quality shirt! It also runs bigger than I expected. I got a large long sleeve. I might call that a Bluegrass Large!

Any which way, I’m super happy with the products and prompt delivery. Once again, Ben and Jake delivering high quality products! Thanks so much!


It’s fun to watch people stare at that shirt trying to figure it out. I’ve had a couple of guitar pickers say something to me about it. Great conversation starter.

Thanks for the Gorilla Snot review.


Yeah, it’s literally like the pick is an extension of my fingers now. Surprisingly good stuff.