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Lost Chord - Query

Hi @BanjoBen

Working on a Banjo TAB and I need some advice on which Guitar Chord to play over a Bb7 b5 Banjo Chord Lick

Essentially it is a passing chord F, Fm, Bb7 b5, C The tune is in the Key of C

Tried using a Bb7 chord but it doesn’t quite sound right and I haven’t a clue how to TAB a Bb7 b5 Guitar Chord

If your curious, this is an Alan Munde Lick - Peaches and Cream TAB from Anthology II DVD

Hey Archie!

This is from my Guitar Toolkit phone app:


Thanks Ben, So what alternating bass notes would work with this chord ?

Bear in mind I don’t play guitar

The bottom two strings fretted in the chord, the 5th and 4th strings.

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Thankyou :sunglasses: