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Looking For Some Help For Tab

Hey all, can anyone out there help me find tab for guitar to the tune “The High Road”.?? It’s on Bryan Suttons album Bluegrass Guitar. I heard a trio of mando, bass, and guitar do it the other night and it blew me away, just loved it.
Tuesday night in Sisters Oregon at Preston Thompson guitars they had a private concert and Chris Luquette was there and this is one of the tunes they did. I would love to learn it but have not been able to find tab for it. Any help would really be appreciated. Jerry :mrgreen:

Here it is. Complete with some odd sounding instruments in the TEF: … =1&v=11673

THANKS!!! :astonished: :laughing: I really appreciate it, Jerry

[size=150]I like it very much so thank you for my next learning experience . [/size]