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Looking for new banjo (up to about $1600), need recommendations / IT HAS ARRIVED

Hi gang, I’m presently playing a $300 Wasburn sompin sompin I picked up locally, just to see if I wanted to get back into banjo after many years of, you know, not playing banjo. And well, I’m want’n back in, so I want to get a nice new resonator banjo. The tops and bottoms of the frets on my banjo are pretty rough and I’m cutting my left hand on them occasionally and there’s some other issues as well.

I decided I do want to purchase from the general store cause benies and stuff. I realize just about any choice on the store would be good. My hands are not huge, I can span three frets fine, but can’t quite reach four yet, so I don’t want a wide neck (I think one of descriptions I saw said something about a wider neck than most).

I’m looking for something that doesn’t abuse me, something that will whisper sweet things in my ear and treats me right. It leaves me wanting more but is not a chore to play… And yes, I am talking about a banjo.

Gold Tone, RK, Other?

I want to take advantage of y’alls experience with these instruments, so… up to $1600ish, what say you?



Of course, this i just in case I don’t win the RK tomorrow night.

Hi @maggie.williams1 I know how difficult the choices are when you are planning to upgrade. With the funds you have you seem to have several good choices. I have always fancied owning a Recording King and this one fit’s your budget.

I am guessing this is the one that’s already caught your eye. Good luck in the draw.

It did indeed catch my eye, in fact I raised my budget from $1500 to $1600 to accommodate that one. The other one I was noticing is the Gold Tone OB250 light weight. I could have sworn I saw that listed for $1599 last night, same as the RK, but now I’m seeing it listed at $1289. Hmmm. I could be wrong I guess.

I’d love to hear from Ben and Jake and Robbie to see if they concur or if they know of another great option that just arrived but is not on the store yet. Or from other who have or have played these two banjos.

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Hi @maggie.williams1 I am sure @BanjoBen and @Jake will respond when they are free to comment. Who knows they may just do a quick comparison demo for you to help you decide.

Have to agree with Archie, go for the RK or Goldtone, but probably the GT250+ model. :+1:

I talked with Jake earlier today and he gave me some great insight to these two models as well as other brands I had questions on. All part of the great service here at BBCdotcom I reckon.

I found out that when I win the RK tonight, they’ll just credit the price of that toward my new RK76 Elite and so I’ll get that for a really great price.

Thanks for the help everyone.



Just put in the order for the RK76. Really excited.


Great choice @maggie.williams1 I hope your remembered to tell @BanjoBen to HURRYUP and secure a 10% discount.

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Indeed I did… :grinning:


Great choice!

Hi @maggie.williams1 now that you have the RK in transit you do realise that you will soon have the tools to play like this.

Kenny Ingram on his new RK Elite Banjo


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Jonathan, I sure hope you’re right

He’s right. I played this banjo…it is killer.

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When you get your banjo please post something up so we can all see and hear it! We’re all pretty excited for you!

Will do

Oooooo, Happy New Banjo Day to me, Happy New Banjo Day to me… :slight_smile:

My new RK-76 Elite arrived today in great shape. Packed amazingly well, the banjo is gorgeous and so is the case for that matter, it even has that new banjo case smell. The wood is beautiful as are the inlays. Honestly though, I was not prepared for how heavy this thing is, it has to be twice as heavy as my old banjo. It sounds purty and it really projects, it’ll peel the paint, as they say, for sure.

I’m still getting used to it. It has a shorter neck so the frets are not quite as far apart, which is great for me. I was struggling a little bit in certain songs that required a reach I couldn’t quite make, but now I can. The top and bottoms of the frets themselves are nice and smooth; no more cutting my hand and snagging my calloused finger tips as I move up and down the neck.

Jake installed the spikes for me and they work great, so easy to capo now. I played a couple of up the neck endings and it’s in perfect tune and sound quality up the neck is a huge improvement. Playability is a huge improvement as well; I’m not having to press so hard on the strings, I’m just not having to work so hard at it. My fret hand is not as sore as it usually gets after a couple hours.

That’s my first impressions. Thanks @Jake for looking after me and thanks @BanjoBen for turning me on to such a gem and to your whole gang for all you do. I’m really happy to be moving forward with such a quality instrument, especially after not having taken one for a test drive.

Cheers y’all


Hi @maggie.williams1 there will be no stopping you now. :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

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