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Looking for a place to sleep . Another lawyer joke

A Hindu and a Rabbi and a lawyer was traveling together and they were getting tired as they were on foot . they came to this farm house and went to the door and inquired of a place to sleep tonight . The farmer said I have enough room for two of you in the house and one will have to sleep in the barn. The Rabbi said I will sleep in the barn so about ten minutes later the Rabbi was at the front door and said he can not sleep in the barn with a pig so the hindu speaks up and says I will sleep in the barn. About ten minutes later the Hindu was at the door saying he can not sleep in the barn with a cow , so the lawyer said he will sleep in the barn. Ten minutes later there was a knock at the farmer’s door, he opens it and there stands the pig and the cow.


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I was watching the Statler brothers on TV and the one guy told that joke . not sure of the religions but the joke was a good lawyer joke.