Looking at new Martin


Hi all , wondering if anyone out there in Ben’s site has a Martin HD28VS 12 fret??? I really love the shorter scale and wide nut, I can’t find one to play, so I can only go by the HD28 regular Martin and some other brand dreads that have 13/4 nuts. I live in an area that is guitar store challenged and the only thing that comes close is a GC 70 miles away, but what they have varies all the time and never one of these. What they do have is kind of shop worn if it’s there for more than a day and in the acoustic room so many people banging on stuff, kids, etc. it is difficult to hear. There is a guitar store in OK. that sells Martins of all kinds and I am thinking of taking a chance on the old mail order route, they do give a 30 day return so I guess the postage is all I could lose. Kind of an expensive proposition to do that way but the stores rep seems solid and I sure can’t find one around here. Any thoughts? Was really hoping to find someone that has one, haven’t seen anything negative on them, Soundpure has one on demo on you tube that sounds sweet. Jerry


Hi Jerry,
I don’t own one, but it’s a sweet looking guitar. I have played several 12 fret Martins (but no 28VS that I recall) and I have always liked them. It may just be me, but it seems they have a bigger bottom than a typical Dreadnaught. One thing to note, unless it’s custom, I think it will have the normal (for a D) 25.4" scale length. Here’s a link to the spec page:
martinguitar.com/component/k … l?Itemid=6

If you don’t mind my asking, where are you located? I have bought several guitars over the phone, and have yet to get a bad experience.

If buying new, it looks like a good price would be about $2900, and a great deal would be about $2700. Guitar Center would probably want $3300.

Let us know how you like it.


Hi Mike , I am in Oregon on the coast small town, one drawback to being rural you just can’t run down and check em out! Yes your right it does have the 25.4 scale but only 12 clear which in reality makes the neck reach shorter but runs over the top and moves the bridge back. Taylor makes one now to but they want more than the Martin and I have had taylors three to be exact and while they are very nicely made guitars and nothing wrong with them they just don’t have that sound to me.
Gibson has some nice choices but the same situation can’t try one.
I have bought many guitars over the years thru the mail and with one exception they have all been good, My only for sure right now is I want a 1 3/4 nut width no less, a little more ok but not less. Jerry


For what it’s worth, my favorite 12 fret Martin I have played is a 12 fret custom George Gruhn had made up. They are based on the CS21-11 and they are spec’d the same (Adirondack on Madagascar, hide glue, tbar, thin top) except they are 12 fret, they have ebony for the bridge and fingerboard and it’s a 1 13/16" nut. I didn’t want to have one guitar with a slightly bigger nut, but since it sounds like you might like a slightly larger nut, I thought I’d mention it. I have played two of them and they were both pretty special. I have a 0000 based on the same design except 14 frets and 1 3/4" nut, and I really enjoy it.


Thanks Mike, also looked at the JB Gibson but the A model is pretty spendy, have time to consider all these options as I notice these are not flying off the shelves and 3k is a lot of money to plunk down. :laughing: