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Long fishers hornpipe

[attachment=0]fishers horn for Ken only.tef[/attachment] sommers around 97 bars long it is a hoot to play a lot to remember and yes repetition for sure if anyone wants it they can download it here . I paid to have this tabbed out so it is mine .

That’s almost exactly how I learned it Ken. You’re right, once you get it in your memory bank it’s not all that hard to play and a lot of fun too. I highly recommend it!

I heard it on a video at Flat and paid someone to tab it out and they got it perfect . I don’t know if they used midi and converted it then with tabledit , it was note for note and I practiced til I got wore out with it but am revisiting it now. 97 bars long and that’s a lot of picking for one tune . I cut an A part and a B part out .