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Lets Tab Something

Going to enlist the BanjoBen community with some help tabbing something out. I like this song and it’s not blazing fast like an Earl tune so I thought it would be fun to tab out. I think I’m close so far but I want to get community input

The Song is 19 by Boy Named Banjo. You can listen here

And I’ve attached the pdf that I have so far and will keep working on it … 9.mp3?dl=0

Link to mp3 file on dropbox

You folks want to play?

When I click on the link, I get a message saying that ‘the video is not available’.

works for me?? I dunno

Maybe because I’m in Canada? or on a Mac?
Oh well…

The video link works for me (USA). I think you may be right, it might be a regional thing. I searched for another link to the song on uTube and came up empty.

Cannot open the video from the Netherlands either.
Too bad there is no other link, cause it sounds interesting.

I added a dropbox to an mp3 of the song for those that want to listen. Although i highly recommend the album. I love it