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Lessons with double stops?

Hey all,
I love just browsing @BanjoBen’s lesson archives, but at the moment I’m interested in guitar lessons with “double stops”, or multi-finger slides; I need to work on those. Anyone have any suggestions?

I’m always grateful for this awesome community!


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A text search for double stops came up with this one. It’s pretty stout:


Wabash Cannonball, in the intermediate learning track is good

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This will give you everything tagged “double stops” on guitar.


For all my lesson browsing, I never noticed that there was a “doublestop” tag. D’oh!

Thanks, everybody, for the replies!

Yes, this is a bluegrass site, but have you heard the intro and main riff to “Let it Go” by Def Leppard? You can really strengthen your fingers a lot by practicing these double stops. You can do them with your third and fourth finger, or you can bar with just your fourth. Double stops with bends are highlighted. Hope you find it helpful.

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cripple creek

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Thanks, Jack! And of course @BanjoBen knows more than a little about Def Leppard!