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Lesson learned

When I started playing bass full time, I wanted to be like Steve Harris. I never quite mastered all his various techniques.
When I played electric for a while, I dreamed of playing like Jason Becker. I didn’t even get close.
I went for a brief foray into classical with a goal of playing Albeniz just like John Williams. It didn’t happen.
I played fingerstyle for quite some time, and thought it would be great to play like Doyle Dykes. My book of his transcribed scores sits unopened on the shelf.
After all this time spent on music, I can’t play like any one of these people. It took me many years, but I have learned my lesson. Now I want to play like some ultra cool combination of Tony Rice, Norman Blake and Chris Thile.

Yes, now that you’ve lowered your expectations, becoming a Rice/Blake/Thile hybrid should be no problem at all. :smiley:

If it makes you feel any better I put a set of Gibsons “Sam Bush” Strings on my mandolin, but I sounded nothing like Sam Bush. :mrgreen:

Probably a bad set of strings.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I Wish :mrgreen:

I know you’ve all heard the expression of an instrument speaking to you. Well I had one that literally did! Back in '07 after a year of learning on an el cheapo mandolin I decided to step up and get the best one I could afford at the time. Still had a girl in college so it would be a few years before I could splurge and go high end. I bought my new Eastman 515 home, took it out of its case and told it… “well you’re no Gibson F5 but I guess you’ll do for now.” To my surprise it spoke back to me and said… “well you’re no Bill Monroe but I guess you’ll do for now!” We got along fine after that.

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