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Left hand sticking on the banjo

My left hand has really started sticking when sliding up and down the neck. Yes, i did wash my hands! :laughing: what do others do to help this problem?
Thanks in advance-Peggy


Washing your hands could actually be the problem. The soap removes your natural skin oil, which causes the tips of your fingers to lose their natural lubrication.

They make sprays to help with that, but I’ll usually just run the tips of my fingers across my forehead and I’m good to go.

Sounds kinda gross, but it works. :slight_smile:

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Not gross at all…great
I should have clarified better-it is the back of the neck beteen the thumb and 1st finger that is sticking

Oh! Well that’s different. Is there any chance you’re practicing in a room that’s warmer than it used to be? I have that problem when I forget my thermostat has risen in the middle of the day (because that’s what it’s programmed to do.)

Maybe a rosen bag from your local sports store might help? We used to keep one on stage when my band played outdoors.

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It is definitely warm. I dont have air in my new place.
Powder is a great thought.
Thanks Mark


This question just came up here

A couple days ago.

I’ve been so busy lately I’ve only had time to pop in and browse a few posts a day. It’s bad timing since the forum seems to be picking up over the past few months.

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I’ve noticed both

I’ve read recently, (as I posted the same question) that a simple quick fix is to rub a little talc on your hand. Other than that, its more drastic with wire wooing or lightly sanding, burnishing and sealing the neck. In short, turning it into a speed neck. :wink:

Oh and @Archie pointed out a good tip. Check your not gripping the neck too tight. :+1:

Thanks all.

What is meant by a speed neck?

A speed neck is when the neck is left plain wood, just sealed and polished with no lacquer or varnish on it. Some laquers/varnishes can cause your hand to drag and cling to the neck a little, especially in warm or humid conditions. This can impede your ability to slide your hand up the neck when playing at speed. So some players prefer the ‘speed neck’ :wink:


Hi @Peg_E, Are you trying to slide up and down the neck with a full chord shape ? If so that could be one of the reasons the palm of your hand is sticking.

As you move up /down the neck in that full chord position likely as not your subconsciously focusing on keeping that shape and gripping the neck too tightly. So try focusing your thoughts on the string your sliding on and at the same time loosen the grip. Try to keep space between the palm of your hand and the neck. Use light pressure on the string.

When I am sliding I often think of the 1st and 4th strings as rails, using my ring and pinky to glide to the next position.

Learning to move up and down the neck cleanly is a skill on it’s own, like working a stick shift in a manual gearbox of a car. Getting through all the gears without crunching is a skill you have to master in the subconscious as your drive. Because all your attention has to be on the road ahead with all the traffic around you.

If you live in a hot & humid climate you can be sure that is a contributing factor, in which case keep a small hand towel close to dry your hands. Look to the sports shops for products used by athletes to keep their hands dry.

Hope this is of some help

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