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Learning back up guitar

I have found that if I learn the back up to the lesson it goes so much easier . There are tunes that require more practice on back up than the tune its self . It really helps if you can do both lead and back up . To my way of listening two guitars is about the best sound I have heard , not discounting any other instrument but saying what my own preference is. In my case I have no picking pals so I about have to use a backing track or play solo. I ask my wife once if she wanted me to play a solo and she said yes so low I can’t hear you . I may also break out my antique four track and do some recording with it . Of course we could always shut the lead down and use just the back up on the tef files. I prefer the live guitar for back up . The main thing is to learn and have fun doing that . Keep picking; some day you will be noticed ,good or bad. :smiley: oops someone has already posted on this , sorry for that it is a good thing to learn at any rate

I agree with you Welder. I have a Tascam 8 track Portastudio I use to lay rhythm tracks whenever I’m learning a new tune on the guitar or mandolin. Most of the time I’ll record the backup with two different guitars each on their own track then master it in stereo. When played back it sounds like I have two guys playing rhythm for me. I transfer it all to my computer and burn it on a CD with my other backup jobs or put it on a flash drive where I can carry my “band” around in my pocket!

I have the Tascam porta 2 and it does all I need as I am not a professional nor do I have illusions of grandeur. With head phones you can sure make some nice recordings ,. I never thought about a flash drive but yes that is a good idea thanks for that one.