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Kruger Boys Tearing it UP!

You know I have seen a lot of these boys stuff over the years, but never seen this one, was wondering around youtube and landed on this video and thought “Man You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me”.

Uwe takes the first geeetar break and tears it up, then Jens gets all over his banger break. Any banger or geeetar player has got to appreciate this one.


Ooooh yeah, that was good stuff. Never heard of 'em, but I like!

When you work out those guitar parts, hook me up man! :smiley:

I’ll get back that break to ya shortly TNT…don’t hold your breath!

Don’t you just like how Uwe looks at Jens starting about 6:40 or so and has that look like “Dude, I am really glad you finally decided to end your break”…and smiles like “is that all you got” knowing he just went off on it!

These guys are from the area (not originally, of course, but where they’ve made their US home) close to me. They’re truly exceptional musicians (I can’t stress enough the emphasis on exceptional).

I’m posting a video of them playing at a place where I’ll be attending my 1st BLUEGRASS jam, on Sat. morning. It’s a place called the Cook Shack, in Union Grove, NC. I’m really looking forward to it. Nervous - but excited.

This is by far the best arrangement for this song I’ve ever heard.

Very haunting! Loved it!

Good luck with your jam!

I had breakfast this morning with Mr. Holbrook (walked in and asked if he could sit down…lol). What are the chances?

Really good time at the cook shack.