King Of The Hill




That’s awesome. I never saw that, although I did watch it regularly for a long time. Thanks for posting it.

Dale rules on the simulated bass.


I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of guitar Hank is playing. An archtop for bluegrass?

And how can Connie play so well, but not know how to restring her fiddle?


Interesting question on Hank’s guitar of choice :slight_smile: I haven’t found anything that quite matches. The archtop with a round sound hole would point to an early Gibson L4 or Martin R18. However, I am not aware of slotted headstocks on anything similar. I am sure there are independent luthiers that have made that combination, but I haven’t found an exact match.


I figured you could sleuth out Hank’s guitar, Mike. I noticed the slotted headstock, but I didn’t think about how unusual the sound hole was.

“Maybe I’m gonna go get that little accordian, what’d ya think… no?”


Just for grins, I would have liked to hear the accordion on Blue Moon of KY :slight_smile:
I’ll be offline for a few days. Ya’ll take care.


Best kickoff ever. Every song should start like that, don’t matter what song or genre. :smiley: