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Keys of the songs

I was wondering if there is a reason the songs change key from one instrument to the other. I am actually trying to learn all three instruments at the same time and was hoping all the songs could be in the same key across the instruments? I love the site and the Ben your the best! I guess as I get better I will be able to learn to change the key of the songs but I am no where near that level yet LOL

Most the songs I have looked at for multiple instruments are in the same key. Which one(s) have you run into that are different? Maybe it’s just a matter of a capo for the guitar. For instance, a fiddle might be in A, but on the guitar one would often play it in G with a capo II.

It was She’ll be comin round the mountain. It’s in G for the mando but C for the banjer. Like I said it’s not a real big issue but I would like to record myself on one instrument and play along with another.


I suspect that was done in various keys to make it fit the instrument easily. If you want I’d be glad to look at transposing one of the parts. I don’t play banjo, so I might do a better job of transposing the mando part.

That would be cool you guys really are the best folks!!

I got the mando tab. I’ll try to get it transposed before too long. If I don’t get to it before the end of this weekend it will be late next week. If you don’t hear back from me by eand of next week, feel free to post a reminder on this thread.

Ok and again thank you very much!

Hey Jeffrey, I sent you a PM. I transposed the mando part to C. The transposed part is a variation on Ben’s paid tab, so I don’t want to post it where everyone could grab it.

Ok thanks you have a great weekend!!

Hey Jeffrey,
I hope the C version is working well for you. The song fit more natural in G, so if there are any parts that seem difficult, let me know and I can look at it for a more simple part.

I noticed that this is true for ‘Nine Pound Hammer’. It’s not a big deal, but it is definitely something to be aware of so not to get confused.

Guitar lesson is in ‘A’ - capo 2nd fret … hammer-89/

Guitar rhythm part for the bajo is in ‘G’ … -in-g-433/

So, I assume the banjo is also in ‘G’ also … c-pt1-436/

Yeah, not a big deal on that one. Just take the capo off. Most folks I know play it in G anyway.