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Kentucky waltz guitar break .?

I am working on any thing related to Kentucky waltz any have any tab or info on it ? Bill Monroe used a lot of ghost notes or in between notes as I call them . I just love the sound of the tune. Any one play that one? questions this time only . LOL .

I used to play it a bit. I thought I had something written down, but it wasn’t where I expected. If I find something I’ll post it. Are you looking for chords, lyrics and/or mandolin breaks?

I will take anything you have , the lyrics I think are very simple just two verses and one chorus, I think? I like the tune it is a good one.

Hey Ken,

There’s a Kentucky Waltz lesson on YouTube for guitar solo and another for western swing chords. Type in Kentucky Waltz Guitar Lesson when you get to youtube and they’ll come up. The solo seems nice, I didn’t check out the chords lesson though. He just posted the solo lesson three weeks ago.

Good Luck!

Thanks , I will do that . I just like the tune period .

If you are still lacking tab after checking that youtube video out let us know. I’m busy the most of this week, but I could put something together later for ya if needed.

I think what JW found will do it . now on to learning it nice sound to the tune . the guy does a good job .

Such as it is I need to be smoother on it somewhat choppy right now .