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Kenny & Amanda Smith at the house!

Today was our first Sunday back at church and Kenny & Amanda Smith are visiting, thinking of joining my church. I had a lunch at my house after church and 40-50 folks came over…everyone was so ready to see and talk to other people, haha. Kenny and Amanda came and they’re such sweet folks. I had met them once before at a Mexican food restaurant–I just stopped by their table real quick to tell them what a fan I was of their music.

So after we ate someone asked another guest and her brother to sing a couple songs–this sibling duo is outstanding–not bluegrass, but top notch choral and harmonies. They asked if I would back them up on guitar, then I looked at Kenny and said, “Would you back them up on guitar?” haha, he was very gracious and I handed him my D-18 Authentic. I grabbed my mando and we played a few for the couple, then Amanda got up and they put on a mini concert for everyone on my back porch. It was just a swell, swell time. I wish y’all could’ve been here :wink:


I wish we all coulda been there too. Sounds like lovely time.


Uhh… Wow, how cool was that?!?
I got to do a workshop with Kenny and he is down to Earth and very gracious.

I will say that I consider you to be every bit as enjoyable to listen to as Kenny and so many other of the bluegrass masters… I would pay a good price to do a workshop with you just like Kenny, Wayne, Robin, David and Robert.

If you got an invite up our way, would you come for a workshop and a house concert like the rest of them? Just curious…


Just you saying so… makes us feel and know we were there in spirit. Thank you for sharing and taking a moment to think of us also @BanjoBen.

Happy Memorial Day to you and yours…


Forget cabin stream, we could’ve had a gazebo stream.:star_struck:
That reminds me, a banjo break for Amanda’s Reel is muchly needed. It comes up at jams often in my neck of the woods. If you could get permission direct from the artists themselves? Likely not that simple though.


Sounds like a lot of fun with great musicians around. And the fun was sure to have been amplified by the freeing up. That’s swell!


Wow that’s awesome! Sounds like so much fun