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Just Registered

Hi All,

Joined the site at Christmas and have been enjoying the mandolin and guitar sections. I watched Ben on YT for quite awhile and decided to join, best deal on the web IMHO!

I’ve played guitar for what seems like a long enough time to be better than I am but I have fun. I bought a mandolin about a year and a half ago and I love it so my guitars have been very neglected since that time.

I stll mostly play mando but Ben’s arrangements are so nice and his teaching style is so good that I’ve been working on a couple of tunes on the guitar as well…right now Grandfather’s Clock and the rhythm videos.

Decided to register for the forum so I can join in on any and all discussions for mando and guitar and I may even chime in on the banjo threads…ha!

welcome to the forum… You will find the guys/gals in forum are very very helpful, so with that welcome aboard… :smiley:

Welcome aboard!

Welcome Taylor player, I see you agree with most people , here is the place to learn three of the instruments we all love to hear. have any questions ask away I am sure some one will have an answer. Enjoy the music .