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Just for Laughs

Ran across a few old things I’d played on my Hatfield Buck Creek back before I injured my right wrist and had to give up the 5 string.
Thought I’d share for a few giggles :notes:


Love it! I’ve got to teach Peaches and Cream!


What happened to the wrist so you had to stop playing ?

Mighty fine pickin Dave and your Hatfield sounds really good!

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I was over-playing and something popped…tendon or something…lost all coordination in my right hand fingers. After 8 months I still couldn’t play any kind of a roll on the banjo and it hurt just to set my hand in playing position so I sold off my banjos…

I can still hold a bow for the fiddle but have to use a straighter than desirable wrist angle…

Thanks, I liked the Hatfield…had a sound of it’s own. Spent a wonderful day down at Arthurs’ picking it out.
We sat out in front of Arthur’s shop.
I kept my eyes closed while my buddy handed me 6 different banjos…then kept my back turned ! about 20 feet away as he played all all six again…I picked out that same banjo both times.

Long drive straight down spend the afternoon then drive straight back to MI. It was a wonderful day though…

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Love the Peaches & Cream rendition. I had to listen to your version a couple of times. Reminiscing makes me misty-eyed thinking about my daughters that played this song out of a jazz-book for piano lessons a few years ago. Peaches & Cream is both a tasteful song and works well as a stand-alone banjo piece as you demonstrate. I might have played it with my right-hand more in the “Y” position for a more mellow tone, but outstanding job nonetheless. I do hope Banjo Ben showcases this tune sometime. What a classic!

If I recall correctly I learned that from a collection of tabs by Alan Munde that I bought from him.

Great Job Dave. Sorry to hear that you can no longer play banjo. I am currently working on Alan’s arr of Peaches and Cream

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Do you have Alan’s little book of hand written tabs from the Gazette?

Hi Dave, I bought all his DVDs years ago, most of the material was way beyond my skill level But I am starting to get into it now.

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This is terrifying! I’ve never heard of anything like that happening. I’m so sorry you had to give up banjo. It pains me to know this happened to you.

What Mark said. That is one of the worst things that could happen. Just curious, did you try clawhammer? I know some people have turned to that when they became arthritic with some success

I never had any interest in frailing, so no didn’t try it.

Mark, it was my own fault…just overdid it. I was on a mission.

If you’ll notice, I never did have a good relaxed right hand position…there was always tension when I played, and I would force through it…This is one of the reasons I tell others so often how important it is to maintain relaxation when playing.

okay. I’ve noticed how a lot of banjo players have a crazy canted wrist angle that looks uncomfortable. anyway, I just watched these, you were really good!

That comes from watching JD Crowe, others admit to prising their front teeth apart to look like Earl

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Most play with a “cupped” hand…if you look at mine you’ll see that I’m more set to play guitar than a banjo…much flatter, and instead of the normal forward bending of the wrist mine is sideways. I think all this may have helped contribute to the problem.

This is what I was talking about. I’ve seen a few others (a few on the master stage at grey fox) whose wrists looked exactly like that.

I thought your Gold Rush was good and then I listened to Pretty Polly. Now I have to go find that tab. That sounded great with the constant rolls happening with the bass notes.

PP was just something I figured out on my own I think.
I don’t remember where GR came from exactly…I believe it’s a conglomeration of several sources.
I’ve never tabbed either out…