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Joy To The World

When I first took up banjo this past spring I questioned if I’d be able to learn and play somewhat proficiently , if at all. Between Banjo Ben and my local teacher, I’ve realized I can do this!! So after playing for about 8 months, here’s my attempt at Joy To The World as taught by Ben. (it’s a bit rough so forgive me.). Hopefully it will inspire the way I’ve been inspired here.

Great job-keep up the good work!

Thanks Tertom! I see you’re in Reno… Not all that far from Bishop,CA.

Wish I could have played that well after 8 month, or even now. Great job. Next vid film you playing, not just the audio.

If you are up in Reno, Northern Nevada Bluegrass Association has jams the 1st and 3rd Weds every month. Very safe environment for all levels. You can pull up the site at

Great job!

That sounded really good. Keep it going!