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John Hardy (Ben's advanced arrangement)

I learned this a few weeks ago, and have been playing it non stop almost. It’s fun!


Wow! You’re unstoppable! And an inspiration.


Thanks! Although all you gotta do is try to converse with me and see how quick my playing goes off the rails :joy::joy:


Or try to sing? :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, I can sing fine, but trying to converse while soloing is a no go

Maybe you require one more partition to your brain to handle talking while playing. :wink: Talking would require another brain activity. I think you handle 4 partitions (or queues to service the requests??) already one each for left hand, right hand and for visualizing/recalling from memory the notes and singing without thinking. I’m no where closer to your speed… which means I’m so many hours behind you. But seeing people like you getting better in a quick time frame, it gives confidence for one with limited time that it is achievable. The kid Presley Barker was an inspiration to me as I believe he was at professional level at only within 3 years of his playing. Now you are on track for that!

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That’s pretty slick! Good job.

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Probably :joy:

He’s one of my favorite flatpickers! Very inspiring


Thanks Anthony!

I know that. But I became a fan of him before you became! :wink: I saw a video of Presley Barker playing black mountain rag, so fast like Ben, around that time I bumped into Ben’s video’s and website before I join as a member.

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You probably became a fan before I discovered bluegrass :joy::joy:

lol… I discovered bluegrass some 30 years ago from a friend of mine who brought from US the bluegrass christian music cassettes, which had songs like church in the wildwood etc. Coming from traditional hymn singing church background, I liked those music.

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Really nice picking G

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Thanks Lee!