Jesus Loves Me... to inspire my Grandkids


Yes! this is a really good one for the grandkids (and grampas too) your version here will be a good inspiration to share with my grandkids showing an interest in playing
(They want to play…but not so much on the work to get there)
Any other tips regarding inspiring children to practice more regularly appreciated??


Thanks so much, @Kek! Every child is different but I know with my kiddo it’s showing her that she can accomplish something…she needs to see some progress. And when she makes it, I celebrate like crazy :slight_smile:


Hi Mark

As a grandparent of 5 four girls and one boy I can say with some authority that children soak up information like a sponge. They all learn in different ways and at different speeds. It’s my firm belief that if you praise a child more and reward them less they put in more effort. The main part of the reward should be the accomplishment of the task. The child comes to learn the meaning of job satisfaction once the goal is complete, so any treat or monetary reward on top makes the event that much more special. If you reward too often it becomes the norm and the incentive to study weakens. Some measure of discipline is important. Just don’t threaten to send the child to the labour camp if they don’t practice.


How about the “Ben Clark’s Mama Persuasion Method”. Wake them at 6 a.m. and say “practice”.

Can’t guarantee any results, but it worked great for Ben. :grin: