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Jerusalem Ridge

I was wondering if you could post another rhythm for Jerusalem Ridge that had a speed somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd one currently. The backup guitar has a very slow one, then a slow-medium, then it jumps into very fast. On the advanced songs, there is a lot more fingerwork. and it would really help to have 4 speeds to practice. BTW, I love your website and your instructions are the best.

Yes, the last track is crazy fast. A bit slower would be much appreciated.

I believe there is also a problem with the chord change at 0:45, measure 8 of the tab.
The mando plays an A quarter note, but the guitar incorrectly remains on E.
Please check it and let me know if I’m all wet.

Overall it’s a great lesson on a great tune, thanks.

To really add to the learning experience it would be nice to see tab on the tracks video, similar to the tab on the “Slow Mand’lin” clip.

Thanks for the site Ben.

I found another problem with “Jerusalem Ridge”. There’s only a mando version! Maybe some today you can give us guitar players one to pick on also. It’s a cool song.