Jerry's 70th Birthday


Anybody else catch the Jerry Garcia birthday celebration that Bob Weir streamed last night? I thought it was pretty darned good. Not a lot of bluegrass pickers, but they did have Jim Lauderdale doing a bunch of the vocals. They played for about 4-1/2 hours - kept me up half the night, but it was worth it.


Yes I did…and it inspired me!

Don’t know if you guys are like this or not but sometimes I just don’t feel like playing music…lack of having any inspiration usually causes it, then maybe a commercial, song I hear, see someone on Austin city limits on the tube, etc and it will fire me back up and make me like a kid in a candy shop again when it comes to playing.

This song here influenced me a lot a few weeks back…Larry I figured since we like a lot of the same music that this gem may just inspire you a bit. Can’t see how anyone couldn’t listen to this and not smile from ear to ear.



Inspired! Yes, that’s it. I was so tempted to break out my solid body guitar after watching the Jerry show last night, but I resisted the evil that is electricity.

I can’t say I ever heard of the girl in the video, but that’s some mighty fine music! Thank God for Austin City Limits.


Also wanted to mention to others that if you have “netflix” there are a few cool biography’s and such that can be found, various artists and performances. I liked the one about The Dead, The Band, Elton John, and they even have the Dawg and the quartet on there, Norman Blake, some mountain music stuff also.

just letting you know.