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Jealous at a dog....?

Wish my ears were as good as theirs…

Hope this link works.

That’s pretty cool! Wonder how much practice that took?

Wow! Some of it is pattern recognition too. I noticed the Golden dog hit the note before the girl a couple times around the 1:00 mark. Maybe the “trainer” was being trained by the dog there :slight_smile:

The golden dog is really super eager on this.
There is another vid where the darker dog is being trained. It is almost 7 minutes and a lot of cutting in it. She might have spend more than several hours (and a ton of biscuits!) on it, I think. Still, it’s really cool, especially the fact the dogs make music together. I am actually in discussion with my Maine coon cat now … :smiley:. No hopes though…

Yeah, it is awesome that the dogs are doing it. I’ve got my cat trained to sit, stand up, and stand up and give me five. I tried teaching him to lay down for a long time, but he doesn’t seem to understand. I guess I don’t speak feline well enough.