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Jam with family

Just had one of the best days of my picking life . I got to have a professional musician play my guitar, he said it was sweet . I must say we have been Friends for a while and have played together a little . not much and tonight my dear brother in-law who does nothing but gospel started playing and singing and I could not miss stayed right with him and the whole family said they really enjoyed us playing those great old hymns . The guitars and the mandolin just spoke to every one there it was our annual Christmas party . We did seven old old hymns and I was so tired(as I have a bad heart) when I got done the wife had to drive us home. The very first night out since I have not been able to get enough O2 so I had my portable tank with me . Sorry to bother any 0ne with this but I was just so pleased with it I had to tell someone other then just family . keep picking it makes people grin !!! Music makes the world go around better, it is like grease on a dry bearing . :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Pair of hands , where the soul of man never dies and a few more . it was so much fun . I think I will take a napZZZZZZZZZ!

That’s great! Glad you had such a good night.

YeeHaw! A good jam can sure recharge the batteries.

Nice welder! Sounds like fun!

That sounds like a marvelous night. Keep pickin too!

As a child, my parents would make the kids (me and my sisters) “perform” for the relatives in some way (sing, play an instrument, dance…etc). I used to hate these humiliating situations. As I grew up, I found that playing some music and singing with family could be a very positive experience.

These days, my wife plays bass, I play guitar and my 16 year old son plays mandolin (and we all sing). The time spent is enjoyed by all (although I think my wife and I enjoy it most), and we get to perform at all family functions. In addition, we will be performing bluegrass (style) Christmas carols at the local Quaker meeting this Christmas eve (time flies when you are having fun).

I’m really glad you had such a great time, there is something special about bloodlines singing together, just ask the Donny and Marie. :wink:

I have experienced it and I have seen and heard the benefit of family making music and singing. Our pastor and his family used be our evangelist and they were well versed in their music , the Rochester’s out of the south I have had many times I was in the front row and enjoyed them immensely .
We have our Watkins family that has so much talent and can sing with out instruments so well . They make the hair stand up on the nape of the neck . it goes to show being close and playing together is what it takes to make good music so never let that be lost in your family, it is a gift, you are truly blessed . Any group that stays close can a do and make some of the best music going.It is music that touches the soul.

It is a real blessing to have a family that plays together. My wife, one son and I have been playing together for a few years. My other son wants noting to do with music or instruments. About 6 years ago, my son that plays the mandolin moved away and my wife and I missed the music with him real bad.
He and his family have since moved back to our area and we play a couple of shows together a month now and all is back like it should be.
His Moma is thrilled that he plays with us and I have to admit that I like it too.
Yes, jammin with the family is the best

Just got back from Little Rock for a family Christmas get together (my Dad’s brothers and sisters and their kids). I took my little voyage-air guitar and we did about 30 minutes of carols. It was great to hear my relative’s voices.

Wow Mike, you were just a half hour north from me today. Glad you had a good time with the kin-folks here in Arkansas!

I guess Disney was right. It’s a small world after all.
Well, shoot… If I would have known that, I would have given you a head’s up I was headed your way.