J75s tone?


I have heard some interesting things about the heavy strings for tone, especially for Eastmans. I have also heard they are they a murder on the fingers, and reduce speed. Do any of you use j75s, and any concerns about the extra tension on the instrument?


Verneq, I’m assuming you’re referring to the Ronnie McCoury J75’s (at least that’s what my package says). I put a set of these on my Breedlove A & like them real well. They have good tone, are plenty loud & don’t bother my fingers any more than J74’s. They don’t seem to be affecting my mandolin at all & they seem to really last. I’ve had these on for about six months & are still sounding good (not dead at all, although my guitar does get more playing time). I wouldn’t consider these heavy, but slightly thicker than mediums. As far as speed goes, I can’t see how these would slow you down any. My speed problems aren’t the fault of the strings, but rather my playing ability. All instruments are different, so about all you can do is try them for yourself. Good Luck & God Bless…J.W.


Thanks, it was the Ron McCoury set I was referring to ( which is the heaviest set I can get in MD) My speed issue stems from that i have noticed a difference in my speed between my Eastman with J74 s and my fender, which I outfitted for my 5 yr old daughter with ultra low action and J73s or Celtic strings. (It is like I am a Van Halen wannabe playing chicken wire) The Tone is bad but the hammer ons and pull offs are like a guitar. That said I agree play through it. I was most concerned with the added stress/ pressure on the sound board but further research suggests at most I might need a set up, and at least a beer.

In the end J.W. - Thanks for the info and the blessing.