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Interesting guitar for sale

I went into Craig’s music in Weatherford, TX yesterday. There is a Martin CEO-5 (limited edition from 2002). It is a bearclaw sitka on sapele, slope shoulder (12 fret) slot head. I am not much into bling, but it had a pearl herringbone rosette that is tastefully done and accented the herringbone purfling nicely. It’s a very nice looking, playing and sounding instrument. It is in great shape and by my estimation would be at least Exc if not NM condition. The tone is sweet and is better balanced and a bit warmer than a typical mahogany dreadnought. I think it probably still has the corian nut and/or saddle and I suspect it would be even more pleasing with bone (I suspect it would give a little more bite to the tone). They have it at $1800. I need to get rid of one for every one I add, so I called this morning to see if he would be interested in my 1970 N-20 or GPC-PA3 in trade. It turns out the guitar is on consignment, so he couldn’t trade on it. I figured I would pass it along as it’s a very nice way to get a slot head 12 fret Martin for under $2k.

Here’s a link to the original specs (this is for the model in general):

If anyone is seriously interested and wants me to help with looking into it further or purchasing it, let me know. Craig’s music can be reached at: 817-613-8021. BTW, I am in no way affiliated with Craig’s, nor do I stand to benefit financially or in any other way from their sales.