Lighthearted demo of Longer, by Dan Folgelberg in open G tuning
( Sent to my Neice for her upcoming wedding)

Watch “Cover of ‘Longer’ by Dan Folgelberg” on YouTube

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I really liked the Elvis salutation at the end . that was a very nice piece indeed. I kind of look at you as a musician , for me I am a boilerplate type of player .


Oh please dear Lord don’t let me be like Bam Bam,


Very nice Harv. Do you play in open tunings often?


Thank you both!!!

Hi Mike,
I know several songs in open G
I use drop D quite a bit. …

How about you?

By the way, I’m happy to put another video up
if anyone would like to know the chords I was using.

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Put them up that is the way we learn . you do a very nice job on all I have heard from you .


— Begin quote from "Harv"

Hi Mike,
I know several songs in open G
I use drop D quite a bit. …

— End quote

When I used to do more fingerstyle, I did quite a bit of alternate tunings. I never got to where I could “think notes” in most of them (if I could keep track of the root note I was having a good day). Now I seldom do much other than drop D or using a cut capo (which leaves you with something somewhat related to DADGAD… the capo results in EBEABE but of course, there is a capo in the way of a few frets).


Sounds fun!!!
I tried one of those capos years ago… also tried using a capo at the 2nd fret leaving the 6th string open to simulate drop D…

I’d love to put a tuner (Scruggs style) on the 6th string to be able to drop D on tge fly.
Next step up would be a B Bender… on my wish list.


Nice job Harv, sounds great. Post as many as you like.


Thank you, JW!

Great to hear from you!!!


Enjoyed this Harv. Glad you posted. Im surprised there isnt more postings of playing here actually. Especially of Bens lessons. Maybe when I get that high solo of Angeline the baker down at something faster than super snail pace Ill put one up.


Hi Greyhound,

Sweet!!!! I'm looking forward to your video. 

I’m working on lighting. Another major challenge is I’m recording with a tablet. The tiny microphone is way to sensitive. I have to play quietly or it distorts. A work in progress.
Just got some lights today so plan to do more this week.

Thank you so much for the encouragement!!!! 

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Great job Harv…fellow Oregonian here down in Florence…Jerry :mrgreen:


Hi Jerry,
Great to hear from you!!!
Wow! You live in beautiful country!!!
Spent a few years north of you in Lincoln City. Isn’t it a luxery being able to choose your days at the beach?
Have a wonderful evening… Hope to hear from you soon!

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Great job Harv!

I really enjoyed this and appreciate you sharing with us.



Hi TheOtherMarshal,

Great to hear from you! Thank you for the encouragement! Plan to most more in the near future.

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