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Instrument repair

Would love to have fundage for the name brand, fancy, top-of-the-line instruments.
Second best… the old do-it-yourself style.
I bought a banjo from an online goodwill auction site. The frets are OK. The neck needed quite a bit of adjustment…
fortunately the truss rod served it’s purpose. The 5th string tuning peg slipped like crazy… I bought a replacement peg, but chickened out and hired a pro to install it… that turned out perfectly… (That sounds like a joke…)
I took the resonator off to tighten up the bolt behind the drum head. It sat in the case for a couple years.
It hasn’t been very inspiring. The action is good, but it didnt have any life.
Last evening, I decided to tighten up the drum head. What a difference!!!
Major improvement!

On a related subject… I adjusted the neck and lowered the bridge on a mandolin… better…

And I’ve always wanted to learn how to play a Dobro. I have a resonator guitar… I ordered a raised nut… and installed it…
(It’s a small curved piece of metal with grooves in it)
The new nut extends wider than the neck, so I wound my 1st and 6th strings to the outside so the strings will stay in their slots. If anyone plays Dobro, I’m up for suggestions. I found some tutorials in the D tuning that seem to be in reach. Plan to have fun anyway.

Have a great day,


For those who want to set up their banjo, Ben has a video of Huber and it covers about anything you would want to know about it is in the basic video section of banjos ,. I have the DVD and it is almost the very same thing .