In the garden


I mentioned elsewhere on the site, I had recently enjoyed playing for my Mom. One of the songs I played was “In the garden.” After I played it, Dad told us the following joke:

In Sunday school, a teacher asked the class what is the name of the Lord. Little Johnny held up his hand and when acknowledged said “Andy!”

The teacher replied, “Andy? What makes you think that?”

Johnny said, “Well everyone knows that… it’s in the song. Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me, Andy tells me I am his own.”


That’s great. I always enjoy/fear the sayings that I say that don’t mean what I say. One that comes to mind, I am kind of hesitant to post it, but I will anyway. I can always delete it.

Years ago, I was playing Dungeons and Dragons with some friends. At the start of each round, you roll for initiative to determine the order that people go. We rolled, I looked at the dice and said, “Bob, me, Brian.” A few decades later I still have people that were there that night that won’t let that go away.

With this post, there is now a whole new group of friends that can give me a difficult time about that one.




The line of thought just triggered a memory. Mom and Dad told this story about when we were kids (I was about 2 and my sister 5). We had just moved to a new town. We were in the yard meeting our next door neighbors for the first time. My sister suddenly exclaimed, “Dad beats me up every morning!” Mom and Dad were horrified and bewildered. One of them said to my sister something like, “Now that’s not true. Why would you say something like that?” My sister replied, “It is true. He gets up at 6:00 and I get up at 7:00”