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Impulse Buy

Yup, bought a banjo. The wife is probably going to relegate me to the basement :laughing:

Looking forward to getting into the lessons here, should be fun. Played guitar for a few years so hopefully won’t bumble around too much but I doubt that would be the case.

Bought an inexpensive Jameson off Amazon (it was a gold box deal) so if I enjoy playing I’ll pick up something a little better later

Congratulations on the banjo!

Ben’s lessons are a great place to learn. I started here, having never laid hands on a banjo before (though I do play guitar) two years ago and I am really pleased with where I am now.

Ok. I had a blast with the Jameson but it had pitting around the metal parts and such. So I returned it to Amazon but the good news is yesterday I went up to since it’s local to me and picked up a Deering Goodtime 2. I LOVE it. Setup perfectly and having a blast


Man, I vividly remember the day I impulsively said I’m going to play the banjo and bought a cheap fender starter pack off of Amazon.

Life has never been the same.

I open the internet to my homepage:, my wife rolls her eyes more, the kids run around the house playing the air banjo and saying “dinga-dinga-ding”, the neighbors have abandoned their once peaceful outdoor lounging areas, and I am hopelessly addicted to anything that has the word “banjo” in it’s title, url, table of contents, or index pages.

Congrats on the new hobby. I picked up the banjo having never played anything before. Right here with Ben is where I started almost 3 years ago, and I’ve been pickin’ and grinnin’ ever since. I’m confident your experience will fall right in line with the countless others who love his teachings, and instruments with strings attached to them.

Also, welcome to this community. It’s not the biggest banjo forum on world wide “intranets”, but I have found it to be the most helpful in terms of specific responses from others who legitimately love music and care about your learning and progress.

Like that great philosopher, Briscoe Darling, once said, “You got time to breathe, you got time for music.”

Thanks beardedbanjo. I’ve been a gold pick member for a while going through Bens guitar videos and getting there. Not like I need another instrument but I’ve been wanting to learn banjo so why the hell not. Now I’ve got guitar, banjo and piano to practice. lol

— Begin quote from "gamb"

… I’ve been wanting to learn banjo so why the hell not.

— End quote

The exact reasoning that instigated my banjo journey!

This is actually pretty funny. Mine was an impulse buy. I have played classical guitar for years but always liked the banjo. Went to see Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers and it got me going again. I never buy on impulse and rarely buy myself anything. I went into Guitar Center last Easter weekend and they had a sale going on. Normally I would walk out, think about it, go somewhere else, look around, etc. I walked out with my banjo. It has truly been an awesome experience. I found Banjo Ben pretty soon on and have been a gold pick member ever since. I love his humor and warmness. I also take lessons twice a month. I think that is something to really think about. Having a professional to guide you and observe really rounds it out. I joined a bluegrass association and they have jams twice a month. I am really happy about my rare impulse buy. FYI-I am 65 years old and anything is possible.