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I'll fly away

I downloaded the TEF file and TAB for I’ll fly away a few months back and now I am unable to find the associated video lessons for that song.
Is there a reason that this has been removed?

Rumor hazit that the site is being upgraded. I suspect it was an unintentional side effect of moving things to the new site.

Thar’s good news, I shall keep an eye open for it’s return.

This lesson has definitely disappeared from at least the mandolin section. I don’t know if Ben had done a guitar or banjo lesson on it, but I absolutely remember the mando package. It’s the one that first caught my eye about this site.

I just sent him a PM, maybe others should too? Not sure how often he checks in here, and I can’t believe it was intentional.

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Got it, thanks Ben!

I was looking for that lesson as well. Did we figure out where it is for mando?

I’ll have it back on the site when I finish licensing negotiations. Sorry!

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H Kangakeith

If you have the tab and tef files would you mind emailing them to me. I’m working on the song now on my banjo, I would appreciate it.


I just signed up because I had saw last year songs like I’ll Fly Away and I saw the Light. I understand the licensing issue. Do you know when that will be complete and those songs added back. I really did come here for those two songs but have enjoyed the back-up lessons.

Hey @smittyduckcalls, shoot me an email with your requests through the help page contact form, please.