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I'll Fly Away performance

So here’s the performance to show how the two solos I taught fit together.


Very good, how many instruments to you play?


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Gunnar, cool… nice ideas and compilation… a little bit more emphasize on the main notes would make it perfect it think.

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Thanks John! I do need to emphasize the melody more, I’ll be working on that. In the meantime, listen to it through a bigger speaker (a bass amp works) so the bass is louder. Headphones work too

Thanks Randy! I play 4 mainly, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, and Fiddle. But I also play the harmonica, the ukulele, the bass, electric guitar (I count it as a different instrument) some Irish whistle, some piano, drums (general percussion really), bamboo piccolo, and Trumpet. Anything available really

Yep sounds clean, great, and more clear in headphone!

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