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If a Instrument were to be added....?

Forum Members,

If there were to be any new instruments to be added with lessons as a new category on this @BanjoBen’s awesome site, what instrument would you pick (ok, pun intended :wink:)?

For the sake of this question, I am going to take suggestions for subgroupings… like Clawhammer, even as this is clearly an extension of Banjo - for sure, but clearly a completely different style.

If offering a few choices, please post in order of your desired priority.

I was just curious to see what surfaces…


I think you’ve got this round the wrong way Will… Maybe you should ask @BanjoBen what other instruments he would like to teach after all it is his website. My guess is he is doing too much already and struggles as it is to fit in everything on his tight schedule. He does have a family, he is a pilot. He is a Pastor at his local church. he organises annual trips to Israel & Cuba, He has a General Store and Cabin Camp to organise. He does gig’s with his sisters. He is a composer. I think he also does some private tuition so my best guess he is pretty squeezed for time.

Also answering hypothetical questions eat’s up a chunk of his time. Just sayin.


Interesting question @WillCoop . Like Archie, I am somewhat amazed that BB Clark can not only be proficient at Guitar, Mandolin & Banjo at the same time, but can constantly develop ever more complex Tabs and Teaching tools . Yes; This must consume a great deal of time & energy as it is.

But to your point about adding instruments; Depending on the continued success of the website, I could envision BB Clark at some point perhaps Contracting “Experts” that might specialize in a certain instrument or style to develop lessons & tabs, etc… if the website continues to grow legs. He has already done so with the music theory lessons. If it came to that point, then I can imagine that BB Clark’s immediate concern might be the quality of the lessons, tabs, instruction that have made this a successful lesson site. That might be difficult to control.
In the meantime, there is much, maybe too much already here for the average person to absorb for years!

Happy Picking!


That’s it??? That’s all he does? Sound’s like he just lacks motivation!:wink: you forgot the wife and kid’s part!!!


No I did mention FAMILY Jon he also likes to hunt and socialise and a host of other stuff that just don’t spring to mind. There is the danger that we all ask too much of him and I am as guilty of that as other members. I try my best to ease his burden by helping out here on the Forum. I also know that @Mark_Rocka pitches in with the Cabin Camp.


He is a man of many talents! I am going to make it a point to get to one of the camps in the near future ( when all this coronavirus mess subsides) just to meet the man and the rest of the group. I can only imagine how much fun it is ! I just need to figure out do I drive fly or ride? You all are motorcycle friendly rite?


Whoops I see the family part! Sorry Archie, your good man!


I try Jon but I don’t always succeed.


All due respect to you @Archie and all that @BanjoBen does for us (but you felt necessary to outline in detail), my post had no intent to add to @BanjoBen’s site responsibilities at all… so there was no need for me to pose this as a question for him to answer.

Your reply baffles me: in one comment, you tell me to ask him and in another, you tell me he’s too busy to answer hypothetical topics? :wink:

@BanjoBen decides to reply to any topics of his choosing anyway… just as you chose this manner in which to reply (or the choice to not reply at all if not to your liking).

My objective was just to see what others had interest in learning… nothing more.

It wasn’t intended to belittle @BanjoBen’s efforts or time - so I regret you chose to interpret it this way.

I seem to recall @BanjoBen mentioning the possibility to add instruments it in the past so really, I don’t understand your opposition to the topic.

So it appears that your objection to the question is what is round the wrong way, my friend.

I admire your defending @BanjoBen as we all admire him, his many efforts to help us (you too).

I can assure you there was no need as I’m a huge fan also and go out of my way to acknowledge my deep appreciation often - as I’m confident that others have noticed - even if you haven’t.

I’m just sayin’

My apologies as it is clear my post offended you… and I definitely hope @BanjoBen doesn’t get burnt out and remains our teacher for a long time to come. :pray:


Will Your post didn’t offend me. All I am saying is that you ask a hypothetical question that wont get you a result. It’s just time wasting. Your clearly bored. If you want to know if Ben plans on introducing Clawhammer, Piano Tuba Fiddle Ask him straight out and he will give you a straight answer done and dusted. Don’t beat about the bush. Ben takes time to read all these posts. All I am saying is a little less clutter makes his job much easier.

If folks want to learn another Instrument they will do as I do and Google.

Oh! and by the way you are over using the @ Name 7 times in that last post you called for Ben’s attention.


Frankly, my raising a topic isn’t an indication of boredom - excuse me. Again, Ben has discussed it in the past and I care what forum members think even if you don’t.

You many not care (or may be bored by it even as @Deere_Crossing thought it interesting) - and that’s OK; however, to dismiss my topic by saying I’m “clearly bored” is rude.

I think you still don’t get it. I will try again to say I had no “agenda” for Ben specifically. If I did, I know I could ask him by email. My Banjo is busted anyway (no Clawhammer for me) and I do have enough on my plate with Mandolin, piano and writing and I have a family also. :wink: but I am not here to compare.

Do you remember Gunnar’s poll about would we be here if not for Earl? Hypothetical. No real outcome that would drive website direction… but it was an interesting discussion topic - which is also a part of the site forum, as I recall - or am I wrong about that?

It was my interest of knowledge from forum members because I was curious about their interests so don’t twist this into something it isn’t.

Still, I respect your opinion… but I will remind you that what you like or find interesting may not be interesting to everyone either. Or… I guess you want us to reply that “You’re clearly bored” and wasting Ben’s time when discussing Scottish Accents, for example?

Nope, I wouldn’t do that.

As for using the @ symbol, I know the purpose of it but I also see using it as part of etiquette so people know they are mentioned - so they know. I didn’t think that one or multiple mentions would constitute a huge distraction. I will curb use of the @ symbol on your advisement… so thanks for that.

Well, you say you are not offended even after I apologized… but you keep replying, for what reason, I don’t know… as these discussions are tedious and boring. As it turns out, you wasted a lot of time responding to a hypothetical topic :wink:

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I took Will’s question as simply being directed to Forum Members, not Ben. It’s a simple question and sounds to me like he is just curious to know what other instruments folks may be interested in learning. I didn’t see this as pushing Ben to do more at all but I do respect you defending him Archie.

And yes Ben is a very busy and dedicated man as am I and many other folks here. On the other hand and with all due respect to Ben, everything you mentioned that he’s doing is of his choosing and much of it he feels is led by the Lord, I’m sure. I believe he’s living a dream and doing what he wants to do in life which brings great joy. How many of us are really doing that with our lives?

Let’s just all get along here. We’re trying to reach the same goals (becoming better musicians). The forum is to help us get better acquainted with each other and have some fun along the way, as well as helping each other out. What I or anyone else may think is a waste of time, is important to someone else. I’d love for us all to shake hands but Covid 19 won’t let us! Oh, and we’re hundreds of miles away!

Resonator Guitar… that’s what I would be most interested in learning… but I’m very happy with all that Ben is already giving us.

Thanks guys and I appreciate all of your posts and input!

God Bless!


10-4 on all of the above ! And Jeff you summed it up most eloquently! There are bigger things to fret on! ( see what I did there :wink: ) I was in a toss up between the Banjo and the Dobro when I joined the group so Banjo won the toss but I love the Dobro!:sunglasses:


Thanks @jw11 !

As you suggest… :handshake: (Handshake) offered out to @Archie.




Great question, @WillCoop! I want to let you know I do have plans for clawhammer and to extend the site in the coming couple years, I’m really excited about it! My choices would be fiddle and bass after doing the clawhammer, but I’ll have to find JUST the right instructors.


I think the right instructor is key to any extension. I subscribed to Jam Play for a few years - they have lots of instructors teaching lots of genres of guitar. Great resource but different. The quality of the lessons varied between the teachers and it made the experience more cumbersome overall. What I like here is that I trust BB for great, consistent experience whether its lessons, the general store, etc. As you take more on you may sacrifice quality and I’d hate to see that.

But my answer is fiddle.


If I could learn fiddle here at Banjo Ben, I might actually progress a little. :wink:


This is fantastic news and I know - with the effort you put in - you will find just the right people too.

I saw that you were asking for bass participants for the upcoming Camps also. Very cool

I am pleased to know it wasn’t so hypothetical after all! :+1:


Bass would be cool!!