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Idea for finger picks I found online

Not my idea but I did it and I can’t tell you how much more comfortable the finger picks are / Heat shrinkable tubing 1/4 inch and cut a piece to cover the tangs that adjust for fit on the fingers shrink the tubing trim off access and wear in comfort it also makes the picks feel more like your own fingers.

For those who do not know what heat shrinkable tubing is it is a plastic type tubing that will shrink when it is heated . not to much heat but a hair dryer on high should do the trick it is used in wiring where you make a joint you slip it over the wire before soldering and move in the center of the wire heat it and you have a good insulation over the joint. I wish I had the web page so he would get the credit but I have lost it and have no idea where to find it .not expensive at all and it makes a world of difference in the way the picks feel 1/4 may be tight to get over the ends but keep at it and it will move into place and then heat it up .

Whenever I get back to trying fingerpicks I hope I remember this tip. Sounds like it would be good.

This works really well. I have an arthritic joint that interferes with the picks. This keeps them on. Trying the plastic dip for tool handles on another set. Thank you for the post!

Thx for the tip digit … I have arthritic joints on both hands left and right always looking for a way of helping with the pain … Here is a Link … er-playing

DMSO and led lights come to mind . I have used it for sometime with fair results as there is nothi8ng that will take it all away. It takes some perseverance to play but I still play for fear of losing it all . I enjoy playing and will not give it up until the fingers draw up in a knot. Thanks for posting the link there are good ideas on that page .