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Ibanez b200 vs. Deering Goodtime

So I have a deering goodtime banjo now the basic open back model that actually hurts my forearm because it doesn’t have an armrest… the local music shop has a very slightly used Ibanez b200 that said they would trade if I give them some cash keep in mind they are the same price on amazon with free shipping… I already have an old Jida 227 to pluck around on. I do like the sound and COMFORT of the Ibanez b200 compared to the deering goodtime. So what’s your opinion of the American made Deering vs. The Japanese made Ibanez good value in this trade or should I just keep what I got?

I’m not sure how much cash you have to throw in on the trade, but if that’s the case, I would just buy an armrest and install it on my goodtime. But I’m a huge fan of my goodtime, and would have to come across and unbelievable deal to let it go.

I also believe your American made Deering will hold value better than a Japanese made Ibanez, but that’s purely speculation on my part. Just my guess.