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I played a 1966 Martin 12 String made from Brazillian Rosewood!

I was in my local music shop last week and after I walked in, the guy that owns/runs the place made a comment that he had an nice Martin 12 string. Turns out that It was a 1966 D-12-35. It was, hands down, the nicest sounding guitar I have ever played. It played pretty smooth for a 12 string, and the sound was absolutely mind blowing! Did I mention the sticker price of $3200 (£2500 for @Archie)? I am gonna say it was worth it though.:roll_eyes::money_mouth_face::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::moneybag::moneybag:


So Micheal did you buy it ? And if not WHY ?

I sooo wanted to! But even so, I can hardly justify spending that much on a guitar, even if I had that much to spend. Maybe someday. :disappointed_relieved::pensive: Also a case of sticker shock. He didn’t tell me what he was asking for it in the first place.

Did you get a video? That sounds like a very good price for a vintage Brazilian Martin. Also, is your name Michael or Lane?

My name is Lane. My dad set up and paid for the account so his name was on it. I got that changed for clarity’s sake. And no I did not get a video. I am now kicking myself, but maybe he’ll still have it next time I go out. There are several videos on youtube of similar years and models, but none of them sound near as good as playing/hearing one in person

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