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I just bought my dream Banjo

Hey gang,
I play and Epiphone MB250 . “Play” is a term I use very loosely! I have been in the market for another Banjo for quite sometime and like many of you I have wanted a Gibson after I got a chance to play one. Well, today we just did the deal and I
got it for $2000. It is absolutely gorgeous! Now it’s off to my favorite luthier in Branson, MO for a set-up once over and 5th string spikes. I am so tickled! This new banjo will instantly make me a better player ( at least that is what I told my wife before she would sign off on it! )

Here’s a link before he takes it down.


Congrats. That is gorgeous.

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Thanks Steve. It had me at Hello.

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Man that’s beautiful. Seems like a really good price, too. I’m not familiar with how custom work affects the price. Is it based on any specific model?

Very nice. Definitely a proud moment.

Totally AWESOME! I have the modest Epiphone MB-100 Hallowback… and dream of the day I can get a Resonator.

Thank you for sharing and know that we all share in your joy!

She’s a beauty…


My Epiphone MB 250 will now be for sale. It’s a great Instrument but I have always wanted a Gibson. Let me know if you might be interested.

I’m confused…is it a Gibson, a Hatfield, a combination?

Arthur makes some great instruments …if he made it it’s a good one, you can bet on it. But it has a Gibson sticker and headstock…Gibson rim?

Gibson 3 ply hard rock maple rim. (5/8 original factory specs.)

Looks like it’s in really good shape.

what tone ring?

For sale for $2500 or best offer, is my Gibson prewar designed, and custom built, 5 string banjo in collector condition. Solid fiddle back maple neck and resonator. New nickle plated pot metal tension hoop and flange like they made in the 30’s. Huber triple gold plated flat head tone ring. Gibson 3 ply hard rock maple rim. (5/8 original factory specs.) Beautiful Bela Voce inlay on rosewood board. Incredible prewar sounding, solid professional custom made banjo by luthier: Art Hatfield. Comes with a like new, top of the line, hard shell case with crushed vintage green velvet interior. This is a one of a kind banjo that any player would cherish owning and playing.

ha, must have read past it . cool. should last you a lifetime. Congrats.

Thanks. I don’t think I’ll ever need another one. It was a long time coming but I’m glad I waited.

Just got an e-mail and the seller has backed out. Says he decided that he can’t part with it. We had a deal on price and a gentleman’s agreement as I was arranging to pick up and how payment was to be made. Integrity is all we have in this life. . And now he has backed out and tried to up sell me to a Deering Calico. I don’t know about you guys but here in Mid-Missouri if we make a promise we keep it. It’s that simple.

Oh man, that stinks! I’m really sorry to hear that.

I’ll live without the Banjo. At least I still have my integrity.

That’s a tough one. Sorry Keith.

If you’re not doing this already, one of the ways I’ve found for staying on top of used stuff for sale in your area is to go to your local page, do a search, then refine that search to exactly what you want, then save the search and turn on notifications for it. That way CraigsList will email you when a new item is listed.

You can also do something similar in your local Facebook Marketplace pages.

Like I said. I’ll live without the banjo. I’ll just keep learning on my good 'ol Epiphone MB 250. What I am truly disappointed about is his lack of integrity and going back on his word. We had long conversations about the history of the banjo and his years of buying and selling. The man knew his stuff and then he spent a lot of time extolling the virtues of accepting Jesus Christ in our lives.

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Good point.