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I appreciate all posts I really do

I have learned very much from this forum, things I would never have looked for and useful things not just how to have fun because I do have fun here also. I found when I was a machine repairman it also helped to have input from my partner and the operator of the machine I was repairing . Not only from just guitar players but all musicians here have contributed to my knowledge and playing ability. I also find there is a bunch of friendly people here I have never been insulted or talked down to , it has always been in a helpful way and I just want to take time to thank all who have treated me like a neighbor and friend. Music is for everyone and even the people who listen to us because without them we would have no reason to try. Things I would have never known like one does not cry when cutting up a banjo but they do when cutting up an onion, “just kidding I love banjo music” All of you have a great picking day no matter what it is you pick . I am thinking of taking up the Dobro, wow that should be a mess.

I agree welder, there are a bunch of good people on the forum. I appreciate all the friendly help and conversation. I also appreciate the banjo jokes.

I’ll chime in and echo the sentiment of this thread. I’m pretty much a loner when it comes to learning music, and without this forum I’d be stuck in several places.

Yep, bunch of good guys around here. I’d say I spend more time here in the forums than I do on Ben’s lessons.

I pretty much play for the most part play “alone” and this site has helped me progress through some pretty tough learning periods. I have only had a single guitar lesson in my life and that was with Ben. Seems that reading these forums and the info that is passed along from time to time is just like taking a lesson but “easier”. Seems folks here can convey “How to learn” better than most can and that is one of the reasons I like the forums…lots of good info, ideas, etc that help. Plus it’s fun to see what others are doing on threads like “Favorite Video to play along with” and various other threads.

Oh and on the “Banjo Jokes”…love um, but I will admit that the only thread on here I have never visited is the Banjo thread…feel that some evil might creep in if I do and I’d be ruined! :laughing:

On the banjo joke s " you know you are in troublle when the wife paints beef stew on your banjo and the dog loves beef stew"