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I Am A Pilgrim

Just wanted to say what a great lesson this is. Excellent cross-picking excercise. Also think it’s great for hearing the difference (and importance) between up and down strokes, I can really hear it in this one. It’s also good for letting strings ring out as long as possible while playing and changing fingerings at the last second, really letting it ring out. The cleaner you play it, the better it sounds. And, it’s a CW song, how cool is that?

Great job on this one Ben!

I second that emotion. Another nice thing about that lesson is that it’s short and focused one technique. We get to develop a tool while playing a song at the same time… and it’s fun!

Oh, man. That advanced version is…shiney! :smiley:

Looks like I’m putting Cherokee Shuffle on the shelf again. :laughing:


I recently went over the basic version. It’s very nice. I have had more trouble than I expected getting the emphasis on the correct notes. It just took slowing way down (slower than I could sight read) and getting it ingrained.