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Huntin Spot

Any fellow Texas stranged-instrument compadres have land out there that you wouldn’t mind inviting a banjo-welding, rifle-toting hillbilly to hunt at next year :smiley: ?

If you were not in BFE Texas I could help you out in Tn, Ohio, or KY, but can’t help you out in TX. I bow hunt those 3 states. Come Halloween until Thanksgiving I pretty much exclusively travel between those 3 states to bow hunt…I guess I make it back home about every 2 weeks to kiss the wife.

— Begin quote from "Oldhat"

If you were not in BFE Texas

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I literally live in BFE, Texas. The airport is called “Bourland Field”… the community (no joke) is “Bourland Field Estates.”

That’s funny! But to truly live in BFE you have to live further south and further west - Dallas doesn’t count.